TCL ROKU TV With no Remote


A Roku player always comes with its remote control. Roku remotes use WIFI to connect with its player. This is a unique feature of a Roku remote which is dissimilar to any other remote. You will not be able to watch your shows if you lose your remote. Fortunately, there is a counteract to this that lets you control your Roku device with your smartphone. Here are some ways how to use your Roku device without remote control, even if you are on a new WIFI network.

How to conduct Roku TV without a Remote Control ? 

  • Download the Roku app on your Smartphone or tablet.
  • Connect the device with the app on the same WIFI network.
  • Select “Devices” in the app and tap the remote icon.

(Note: Your Roku device and your Smartphone must connect to the same WIFI network for these steps to work.)

  1. Download and install the Roku app- You can find the Roku app on the Google play store for android devices and the Apple App Store for iPhones and other Apple devices. Make sure that you select the official app from Roku Inc as there are lots of third-party apps available.
  2. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions- You will have to agree to the terms and conditions if you are using the app for the first time.
  3. Tap “Devices”-At the bottom of your screen you will find this. Tap “ok” to allow this app to find your Roku devices.
  4. Select your Roku devices.
  5. Tap the “Remote” icon– You will find a plus-shaped icon once you tap on your devices.
  6. Now, you can use the remote on the app– Finally, you will be able to control your Roku player as long as you want from your Smartphone even without the remote. However, be mindful that you have connected the Smartphone and the Roku player to the same WIFI network.

The Roku player automatically connects to the WIFI network it remembers. The Roku app will have to be connected to the same network with the same name and password. You also have a way out to setup a new network with the same name and password. However, if you fail to set up a new network. You can also use your mobile hotspot to connect your Roku player to the app on your Smartphone.

How to connect your Roku player to the app using a mobile hotspot ? 

  1. Set up a mobile hotspot on one device
  2. Give your hotspot the same name and password as the last network that your Roku player was connected to. (Note: If the last time you used your Roku device to a WIFI network at a hotel, you will need to setup a hotspot with the same name and password as the hotel’s network.)


  1. Then Connect your other device to that hotspot. You can use any device for this that has a mobile hotspot service. E.g. Mac or Windows computer or laptop, a smartphone, tablet.
  2. Next, download or open the Roku app on the other device. (Note: This device is not the device that you used to setup the hotspot. This is just the device that you used to connect to the hotspot you setup.
  3. Go to “Devices” and select your Roku player.
  4. Tap the “Remote” icon
  5. Use the remote on the app to go to the “Settings” on your Roku device.
  6. Select “Network”
  7. Then go to “Setup Connection” and select “Wireless”
  8. Tap “OK” on your remote.
  9. Then Choose a new network.
  10. Finally, enter the WIFI password and tap “Connect”

How to put Videos from phone to Roku TV ? 

  • First, connect the Roku TV and your phone to the same WIFI network.
  • Install the Media Player or the Streaming Services of your choice on your phone and Roku TV.
  • Open the application you have installed on your mobile phone.
  • Select the relevant video and click on the cast button above the video.
  • Now, you can see your Roku device there. Tap it and connect then the relevant video will play automatically on your TV.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned ways will help you conduct your Roku TV even without remote.

TCL ROKU TV With no Remote

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