Roku Remote not Working

Roku Remote not Working

Roku remote not working is one of the most common issues that the users face while using the roku streaming device. People across the world prefer using roku streaming devices to enjoy watching their favorite content. Users only have to connect the roku device with the smart TV and enjoy streaming online content. The users can stream the latest content available online on various channels. Besides the latest features, roku has a simple and straightforward user interface. Thus, the users looking for a streaming media player must consider roku because roku is the best available option.

Roku is an excellent digital media player manufacturer that enables users to access streaming media content through different online services. Also, it comes with a remote that makes navigation easier; thus, the users can manage and control the device’s functions through the roku remote. However, the still user encounters Roku remote not working issue. Therefore, the users experiencing such an issue must go through the details provided here.

Steps to fix why is my Roku remote not working 

The users facing roku remote not working issue are suggested to go through the complete details provided here and perform the troubleshooting steps described below to resolve the issue.

Check the batteries

Most of the time, the main reason behind the roku remote not working occurs due to battery issues. It happens that the batteries get dead, so the users are advised to replace the old batteries with the new ones to eliminate the issue. Therefore, if the problem would be with the batteries, the issue would get resolved, and the Roku remote will start working.

Check for the Blocked IR signal

IR-Signal might be the reason behind the issue. Therefore, there should not be any obstruction for the roku player to receive instructions because the IR remote requires direct signals without any obstacles. Thus, the users are suggested to ensure that there should not be any obstacle between the roku remote and the streaming player. Therefore, the users must remove it to get the roku remote back to normal condition, if there is any. Also, ensure that the roku remote must be pointing at the front side of the streaming player.

Reset Roku remote

If trying the aforementioned steps, the issue does not get resolved, and then the users are suggested to try resetting the roku remote. Thus, once the user reset the roku remote, it would be easy to fix the issue. Therefore, follow the instructions penned below to reset the roku remote.

  • First of all, open the remote’s battery compartment and then remove the batteries.
  • After this, unplug the power cord of the streaming device from the supply.
  • Then the users are advised to wait for 5 seconds.
  • Now reconnect one side of the power cord to the roku device and the other to the supply board.
  • After this, turn on the streaming device.
  • After the roku logo appears on the screen, the users are then suggested to insert the batteries in the remote.
  • Then press and hold the pairing button.
  • Note: The pairing button is located inside the remote’s battery compartment.
  • Note: The users are advised to press the button for 3 seconds or till the roku remote starts blinking.
  • Note: If the roku remote does not blink, then repeat the process.
  • After this, when the pairing light starts flashing, the users are suggested to wait for 30 seconds until the connection gets established between the roku remote and the roku streaming player.
  • After this, a dialogue box will open on the screen after the pairing gets complete.

So after applying these aforementioned steps, the users can easily reset the roku remote to eliminate the Roku remote not working issue.


If the issue remains the same after trying all the troubleshooting mentioned above steps, consider replacing the old roku remote with the new remote. Therefore, after replacing the remote, the users can easily eliminate the Roku remote not working issue.


Roku Remote not Working

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