Roku Error Code 020


About Roku Error Code 020

Roku Error Code 020 is a commonly found error code and which could be easily resolved. HDPC stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It is a type of DRM that is set in place for the prevention of data piracy. If a Roku device shows Roku Error 020 that means there is an HDCP error. HDPC Error occur generally when there is an issue with the physical connection or synchronization between the TV and the device. When a Roku device detects that a TV’s content protection technology doesn’t support the one on itself, it shows error in this case. HDMI cables and connectors can also be a reason for the occurrence of the error. Nevertheless, this is quite a usual error and can be simply worked out.

Ways to Fix Roku Error Code 020

Fixing the Error all by your-self is not a very difficult task. This problem can be easily tackled with the guidelines mentioned below.

Follow the guidelines mentioned below to fix the Roku tv Error Code 020:

  • Switch on your Roku player and examine whether the screen color changes to purple. If it so happens, that means it was caused by the HDCP Error. The streaming is disrupted when it happens.
  • Since HDMI cables and connectors can also be a reason for the occurrence of the error, therefore detach the HDMI cable from Roku player and the TV. Ensure that the HDMI connectors are also being removed if it is being used. (Do it politely. Do not grab it forcefully)
  • Don’t forget to power off the TV to which Roku device has been connected. Also, detach its power cable.
  • After you remove the Roku device’s power cable. Wait for 2-3 minutes. Re-attach the HDMI cable to the Roku player and make sure it is connected correctly.
  • Carry on to connect the TV’s power cable and the Roku device’s power cable. The Roku device and TV will be switched on. Now, try streaming it again.

You will notice that the Roku Error Code 020 on HDCP error has been resolved.

In case if the error is still screening on the Roku TV, then kindly look into the following steps to get rid of this error.

Connect Cable with Other Port

Connecting the HDMI cable to the other port might resolve your issue. According to the reports, most of the users get free from this issue by doing this. Probably, this way will help you to free yourself from this error.

Check the Cable

Using a defective or malfunctioning wire might take you to this error. Ergo, make sure, that the cable you are using is not decorticated or loose from anywhere. If your cable is not plugging into the port properly, then, kindly, change the wire with a new one.

Check the Internet Connectivity

It is extremely important that you connect your Roku TV with a strong and stable WIFI. Sometimes, the Error code 020 on Roku displays due to poor internet connectivity. Also, ensure that you input the correct password while connecting to the device. Keep in mind, that, no other device is connected with the same network you are using to run Roku.

Update your Roku

How important is the action of updating any device goes without mentioning? Updating is a very inevitable process that any device including Roku requires. If you do not update your device in regular intervals, your device might slow down in functioning.

Following the steps mentioned above will help you to overcome Roku HDCP Error Code 020. You can merrily enjoy streaming now. Hoping, that the above-stated steps are of great help to you and with an assistance of these steps, you could easily decode the Roku Error 020.


Roku Error Code 020

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