how to solve Roku Error Code 014.50


What is Roku Error Code 014.50?

Roku error code 014.50 is critical. There is nothing to get bogged down. Smart TV errors nowadays have become quite common. But it can be easily sorted out. This error code takes place on the Roku TV when it does not connect to the network. This error code is likely to appear when it is not getting a strong wireless signal from the router.


  1. Network low strength– The poor strength of the signal might also cause this error. If you enter the correct password, but still failing to connect to your wireless network, that means there is a lack of internet which caused the Roku wireless Error code 014.50.
  2. Obstacles-Obstacles like walls and cabinets between your router and Roku device also cause the drop of the network. The wireless signal gets lower if the Roku device is placed farther away from the router. The more the distance is between the Roku device and router, the weaker the network is.

Have a check on the functionality of the internet service provided by the Internet Service Provider. Then follow the below procedure.

Ways to Fix:           

1.Try to reconnect– Just disconnect the device from the router first and then after waiting for 5-10 minutes again reconnect the router to the Roku. This will help to overcome this issue.


  1. Look over the Internet– If the Roku device does not connect with the internet accurately. Internet issues could be fixed by disconnecting other devices from the router that you are using. If any device is connected, kindly disconnect that device. Make sure that there should be at least a 3 to 4 feet gap in between the router and the Roku TV. If the placement of the router would not be proper then this would trigger network issues.


  1. Fix Internal Issues– Internal Issues like virus issues and malware can hamper the working of your device. Rebooting can help to overcome this trouble. Aftermath, you would get success in resolving the Roku network error code 014.50.


  1. Restart the Roku device– All you have to do is restart your device. Unplug the wire and wait for half an hour and after that plug in the wire and restart your Roku device. If the Roku TV error code 014.50 still persists on your screen then follow the steps below;
  • Restart the Roku Device
  • On the player, access Settings>System>System Restart.
  • If you have the Roku TV, restart it as follows:
  • Click Settings> System> Power> System Restart.

(Note: To help yourself to know the instructions of restarting a router refer to your router manufacturer’s guide.)

  1. Update the Devices– Updating any device is a very essential requirement. Not updating the device in regular intervals can cause many issues in your device and it might hinder the working of the device smoothly.

Hopefully, this article will help you to succeed in resolving Error Code 014.50 Roku.

how to solve Roku Error Code 014.50

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