How to turn off Roku?

How to turn off Roku?

Roku is a popular and well-known streaming device through which the users can surf online content, stream movies, music, and much more. Moreover, it is one of the best available choices for getting entertainment at home. Also, it is used by millions of people across the world, and due to its nominal price, it is the top-rated streaming device. However, the users can manage the streaming device via remote. Therefore, through the help of the Roku remote, the users can change the channel, get direct access to their favorite channel, such as Netflix. Unfortunately, the user can not turn ON and OFF the Roku streaming device with the Roku remote.

Roku has won over the users due to its latest streaming features, fast performance, simple and easy user interface, and much more. However, some users are unfamiliar with how to turn off Roku. So, the users looking for ways to turn off the Roku device must check out the complete information.

Many users out there are looking for the steps for how to turn off Roku. Therefore, the users searching for the steps are suggested to go through the troubleshooting steps discussed below.

Steps to turn OFF Roku 2

There are several options available to turn off the Roku 2 streaming device. Therefore, all users are advised to follow the instructions provided below and apply the same to turn off Roku 2.

AC Power Shutoff option

  • The simplest way to turn off the Roku device is to unplug its power adapter from the power supply.
  • The users who have connected the Roku 2 through the surge protector can turn it off. Hence, by doing this, the Roku device will turn off.
  • If the Roku is connected to a smart power strip, the power supply to the Roku 2 device will be reduced if it is left inactive for a prolonged period.

USB Power Shutdown option

  • The users who have connected the Roku streaming device via USB cable to the power adapter are advised to unplug the cable from the adapter to turn off the Roku device.

Steps to turn OFF Roku 3

Through the help of the following procedure, the users would get familiar with how to turn off the roku 3 device. Moreover, the users are recommended to turn off the Roku device while it is not used to save energy.

  • Note: There is no power off button located at the Roku device to turn it off. Therefore, the users cannot turn off the Roku device.
  • The users are advised to unplug the power cord of the Roku 3 device from the power outlet.
  • Once the user detaches, the device will go to the power saving mode after 30 minutes.
  • Note: The users are suggested using the smart strip power strip to link the Roku 3 device to the power supply to save energy.
  • Connecting the Roku 3 device via a smart strip will turn off the device.
  • Note: Ensure that while using a smart strip, the TV will reboot every time the user turns it “ON.”

So, hope after going through the troubleshooting steps regarding how to turn off Roku, it would become easy for all users to turn off the device. However, if the user fails to turn off the Roku device after performing the steps mentioned above, they must contact the Roku experts for real-time assistance.

How to turn off Roku?

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