How to Turn Off Roku ?


Roku has quickly gained popularity, reaching millions of households. It is a low-cost streaming player with a straight forward user interface. Roku devices offer quicker performance and can be used with internet access. It has its own app store called Roku Channel Store, which includes major streaming services.

Roku devices are all meant to be low-power consumption devices. Thus, it must be turned on to execute software upgrades and download the most recent content. However, if it is not in use, the users are suggested to consider shutting off its power. So, the information contained here would help the users regarding How to turn off Roku.

Steps to Turn Off Roku

There are different Roku streaming devices and the procedure to turn off the device varies in each model. Therefore, mentioned below are the ways to turn off different Roku devices. So, scroll down to get familiar with How to Turn Off Roku and apply the steps below.

Turn Off Roku 4

Amongst different Roku devices, the Roku 4 is the latest version of Roku. Therefore, after applying the steps provided below, the users would get familiar with the ways to turn off Roku 4.


  • First of all, go to the Roku settings with the help of the Roku remote.
  • After this, the users are advised to select the “System” option.
  • Then from there, choose the “Power” option.
  • Now amongst the three options available, the users are advised to choose “Power Off” to turn off the Roku device immediately.
  • Note: The users are advised to choose the “Auto Power Off” option. By doing so, the device will turn off if it is not active for 30 minutes.

Steps to turn off USB powered Roku stick/players

The users having a Roku Streaming Stick+ or Roku Express, then these devices are powered using a USB connection on the TV. When the user turns off the TV, such models will switch off automatically. It’s because the TV’s USB port powers these devices. Hence, the users don’t have to perform any manual tasks to shut down such Roku devices.

If the TV does not have a USB port or does not offer power, the users are advised to use an AC adapter. Therefore, to switch off the Roku devices powered by an AC adapter, consider disconnecting the adapter.

Power Off Roku 3 or older

The Roku 3 or an older model may not have a power button. Thus, shutting off those Roku devices is difficult. Hence, the only method to switch off the devices is to remove its power wire from the power outlet.

Steps to turn off Roku TV

Turning off the Roku TV is simple. Thus, the users only have to turn off the TV, and the device will get turned off. Alternatively, the users who want to use the power-saving option are suggested to follow the instructions provided below.

  • Go to the Roku settings option from the Roku remote.
  • After that, the users are advised to select the “System” option.
  • Then tap on the “Power” option.
  • Now from there, the users can choose any one option from the different options available there.
  • Choose “Auto Power Savings” and tick any of the options.
  • When the user selects the “Reduce power after 15 minutes” option, the power will be reduced after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • When the user chooses “Turn off after 4 hours,” the Roku device will be turned off after four hours.
  • Select the Standby LED option to turn off the LED on the front of the TV when it is switched off.
  • The TV will remain in sleep mode after the user selects the “Fast TV start” option, allowing it to start up faster. It is controlled by voice commands using the remote or the Roku Mobile app. Moreover, the user can turn it off to conserve energy.
  • System Restart will restart the computer.


Depending on the model, the users can switch off Roku by following the instructions above. Thus, by doing so, it saves energy and money. Furthermore, through the help of the steps discussed above, it would have become easy for all users to get familiar with How to Turn Off Roku. However, if any user encounters any issue with How to Turn Off Roku, then feel free to contact the Roku customer service team for assistance.


How to Turn Off Roku ?

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