What is error code 83 on Disney plus?

The most Common error code 83 Disney plus Roku is actually not within the Disney Plus App, but instead is a problem with your internet connection. This applies if you are connecting to the Internet through Wi-Fi and there’s no way of redirecting this error to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Most companies dealing with […]

TCL ROKU TV With no Remote

A Roku player always comes with its remote control. Roku remotes use WIFI to connect with its player. This is a unique feature of a Roku remote which is dissimilar to any other remote. You will not be able to watch your shows if you lose your remote. Fortunately, there is a counteract to this […]

How to fix Roku error code 005?

Roku is a streaming device used by millions of people and famous for providing top-notch services to its users. However, some users come across Roku error code 005. Therefore, the users facing such an issue must check out the complete troubleshooting steps provided here. Thus, with the help of the steps described below, it would […]

TCL Roku TV Update 2021

How important it is to update any device goes without mentioning it. Roku Streaming players and Roku TVs are designed to ensure that they are always running in the latest version of the software.  If you are having a TCL Roku TV device, updating your software or firmware to the latest version will add a […]

Roku Error Code 009

Roku Error Code 009 is encountered by many users when they launch or start their Roku TV. Error code 009 Roku , displays on your screen when your device is facing some connectivity issue with the internet. This issue occurs when your Roku TV fails to access the internet connection. Grounds that causes Roku Error […]

Roku Error Code 020

About Roku Error Code 020 Roku Error Code 020 is a commonly found error code and which could be easily resolved. HDPC stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It is a type of DRM that is set in place for the prevention of data piracy. If a Roku device shows Roku Error 020 that means […]

Roku TV Black Screen

Many times, it happens that when you turn on your Roku tv, it shows black screen with just Home Menu displayed on the black screen. In this situation different types of questions start hovering in your mind, like, what is wrong with my device? What could have happened? Is the TV set to old to […]

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